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HVAC Services in Moline, IL

Moline, IL HVAC

Schebler Heating and Air is your one-stop shop for professional heating and cooling services for homes and businesses throughout the Moline, IL, community. Our highly trained and professional HVAC contractors offer complete maintenance, repair, tune-up, and installation services for heating and cooling systems.

In addition, we provide 24/7 emergency HVAC system service so you never have to wait for the office to open. We take your heating and cooling needs seriously, no matter what time of day they occur.

Heating & Air Conditioning Services in Moline, IL

Schebler Heating and Air is your expert heating and AC service partner. We provide fast and efficient maintenance, HVAC repair, and installation for HVAC systems throughout Moline, IL, and the surrounding communities. Our professional HVAC service lineup includes:

Furnace Repair

We offer around-the-clock furnace repair services. We work on all brands and models of furnaces. We are quick, efficient, and highly skilled at diagnosing furnace issues and repairing the unit.

Furnace Installation

When it is time to replace your furnace, trust the HVAC technicians at Schebler Heating and Air to put their decades of experience with furnace installation to work for you. Ask us about our financing options for new heating systems.

Furnace Tune-Up

A furnace tune-up is an investment in extending the life of your furnace. Our maintenance services help furnaces run more efficiently. Tune ups are also an opportunity to repair small issues that eventually lead to catastrophic failures and more expensive repairs.

Boiler Repair

Our professional heating and cooling technicians are your best option for boiler repair in Moline, IL. We have decades of experience working with boilers of all sizes, makes, and models.

Boiler Installation

Braving the Moline, IL winters is no easy feat. Ensure year-round comfort with a brand-new boiler from Schebler Heating and Air. Our experienced technicians install boilers of all makes and models and will ensure a seamless installation process that keeps your home warm and cozy throughout the coldest months.

Boiler Tune-Up

Don’t let your boiler become a ticking time bomb this winter! Invest in peace of mind with a professional boiler tune-up. This preventative maintenance service ensures your boiler runs smoothly and efficiently, saving you money on energy bills.

Geothermal Heat Pump Repair

If your geothermal comfort is on the fritz, don’t settle for subpar comfort. The Moline experts at Schebler specialize in geothermal repair. Our technicians are uniquely qualified to diagnose and fix complex geothermal system issues, from malfunctioning loops to struggling heat pumps.

Geothermal Heat Pump Installation

These are among the best units when you want a high-efficiency heating and cooling system in one unit. In addition, geothermal systems are very environmentally friendly because they don’t consume fuel to heat homes and businesses. We are your local experts for geothermal HVAC system installation.

Geothermal Heat Pump Tune-Up

This proactive maintenance ensures optimal performance, reducing energy costs and preventing minor issues from turning into major problems. Schebler’s tune-ups include cleaning key components, checking refrigerant levels, and verifying proper loop functionality – all to keep your geothermal system running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

Air Conditioning Repair

Is your central air conditioner constantly giving you problems? You can schedule air conditioner repair services during regular working hours or as an after-hours emergency. Our highly skilled AC repair techs will repair your AC unit quickly so that your home or business can experience its ideal ambient indoor temperature.

Air Conditioning Installation

Trust the highly skilled and experienced HVAC contractor team at Schebler Heating and Air with your new AC installation. We work with new builds, existing homes, and all makes and models of air conditioning system equipment. We also have options for complete replacements & financing your new AC unit.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

An AC tune-up helps return your AC unit to proper working order, especially after it has sat idle for the winter. The service includes an inspection, cleaning, and adjustments that help the AC unit run efficiently.

Heat Pump Repair

Don’t risk your comfort to a malfunctioning heat pump in Moline, IL. We are available 24/7 for emergency heat pump repair calls. Trust our professional team to repair your heat pump to proper working order quickly and efficiently.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps are very reliable, but they age and eventually need replacing. Schebler Heating and Air has financing options that can help to cover the cost of replacing a heat pump system. We have the skill and experience to install all heat pump systems.

Heat Pump Tune-Up

Heat pump maintenance services should be performed twice per year. These units work all year long as both a heating and cooling system. We recommend tune-up service calls for the early fall and late spring. Tune ups help your heat pump system run more efficiently and reduce the chance of untimely breakdowns.

Ductless Mini Split Repair

With fast and efficient ductless mini split repair, Schebler prioritizes getting your system back on track quickly and affordably, ensuring you return to enjoying the targeted comfort and energy efficiency your ductless mini split is known for.

Ductless Mini Split Installation

Schebler is dedicated to delivering comprehensive ductless mini split services, including precise installation. Our commitment to excellence guarantees reliable and energy-efficient operation, providing you with year-round comfort and peace of mind for your home.

Ductless Mini Split Tune-Up

Beat the summer heat and avoid winter chills in Moline, IL with regular ductless mini split tune-ups. Our certified technicians are your local experts in maintaining these efficient comfort systems. A Schebler tune-up ensures your ductless mini split operates at peak performance, maximizing energy savings and keeping your home comfortable year-round.

Heating Services

Commercial HVAC Services in Moline, IL

Keeping your Moline business comfortable year-round isn’t just about employee satisfaction, it’s about productivity. Schebler Heating and Air understands that. Our team of commercial HVAC specialists offers expert installation and repair services for businesses of all sizes.

From rooftop AC system units to complex heating and cooling systems, Schebler has the experience and resources to tackle any project. We prioritize minimal disruption to your operations, ensuring a smooth installation or repair process that gets your business back to optimal comfort and efficiency quickly. Trust Schebler Heating and Air to be your Moline partner in year-round commercial climate control.

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Indoor Air Quality Service in Moline, IL

Breathing easy in your Moline home shouldn’t be a luxury. Schebler Heating and Air offers comprehensive indoor air quality services to improve the health and comfort of your living space. Our IAQ specialists go beyond standard air filters, offering advanced solutions to target moisture issues, pollutants, allergens, and even airborne viruses.

Air Cleaners

Battling dust, allergens, and unwanted odors in your Moline home? Schebler Heating and Air can be your breath of fresh air. Our technicians are experts in air cleaner installation and repair. Whether you need a brand-new air cleaner system integrated seamlessly into your existing HVAC setup or require a quick and accurate fix for your current unit, Schebler has the solution.

Air Purifiers

Suffering from allergies or respiratory issues in Moline? Schebler Heating and Air can improve your home’s air quality with our air purifier installation and repair services. These whole-home filtration systems remove harmful pollutants, allergens, and even airborne viruses. For new air purifier installation or a prompt repair for your existing unit, Schebler can help.


Dry Moline winters can wreak havoc on your home’s comfort and even your health. Schebler Heating and Air offers expert humidifier installation and repair services to combat dryness and create a more comfortable living environment.

We can seamlessly integrate a whole-home humidifier into your existing HVAC system, ensuring consistent moisture levels throughout your home. If your current humidifier is malfunctioning, Schebler can provide prompt and accurate repairs to get it back in top shape.


Moline summers can bring stifling humidity along with the heat. Our technicians are skilled at tackling moisture problems in your home. Whether you need a new dehumidifier installation to combat excess moisture or a quick and reliable repair for your existing one, we can help.

We assess your specific needs and recommend the most effective dehumidifier to control humidity levels, prevent mold growth and musty odors, and create a more comfortable and healthier environment for your Moline home.


Does your outdated thermostat leave you constantly fiddling with the temperature? Regain control of your Moline home’s comfort with thermostat installation and repair services from Schebler Heating and Air. Our team works with a wide range of thermostats, from classic models to the latest smart learning varieties.

We can expertly install a brand-new thermostat that seamlessly integrates with your existing HVAC system, allowing for precise temperature control and potentially lowering your energy bills. If your current thermostat is on the fritz, Schebler offers prompt and accurate repairs to get it back in working order, ensuring optimal comfort and efficiency in your Moline home.

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Trust Schebler for HVAC Services in Moline, IL

Schebler Heating and Air is your trusted and expert source for all heating and cooling services throughout the Moline, IL, community. We hire and train only the best heating and service technicians so that every service call is professional and fast, emphasizing customer service.

Give us a call for maintenance, tune-up, repair, or installation services. Our team is available 24/7 so your heating and cooling needs are always met.

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