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Clinton, IA

HVAC Services in Clinton, IA

The team of professional HVAC contractors at Schebler Heating and Air proudly serves Clinton, IA, and the surrounding communities in the Quad Cities area. We offer a complete array of heating, air conditioning, and indoor air quality (IAQ) products and services for residential and commercial customers. Contact our helpful staff today with any questions or to schedule service!

Heating Services in Clinton, IA

In addition to furnace tune-ups, furnace repair, and furnace replacement services, Schebler Heating and Air also offers a full line of services for boilers, geothermal heat pumps, and ductless mini split systems. Our trained and certified technicians have deep knowledge of all makes and models.


Boilers use water to heat instead of air. Count on Schebler for accurate diagnostics and repair of boiler tanks, convectors, radiators, plumbing, and related components.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps transfer the atmosphere in your home into the earth for cooling during hot summer days and pull air from the earth into your home during frigid winters for warmth. Our HVAC pros will fine-tune your geothermal heat pump for year-round comfort.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

Our skilled technicians specialize in servicing ductless mini-split systems. Count on us whether your compressor is acting up or one of your indoor air handlers requires service. We’ll go over all the power lines, tubing, and other components to ensure that everything is top-notch.

Furnace Tune-Ups, Repair, and Installation

Schebler offers meticulous furnace tune-up, repair, and replacement services for our friends and neighbors in Clinton, Iowa, and surrounding communities. We’ll ensure that your furnace is ready to provide consistent warmth for your family this winter without spiking your utility bills.

24-Hour Emergency Heating Service

Should you experience a sudden outage in the middle of the night, Schebler offers 24-hour emergency heating service in Clinton, Iowa. Give us a call day or night, and we’ll help you get the heat going again. 

Heating Services

Air Conditioning Services in Clinton, IA

Schebler offers prompt and efficient air conditioning tune-up, repair, and installation services that will save you money and guarantee comfort in your home. We are also available 24/7/365 for expert emergency AC repairs, so you never have to worry about not having a friend in the HVAC industry.

AC Repair

Whether your AC system has a refrigerant leak, drainage problem, sensor malfunction, electric control failure, or another problem, our skilled technicians will isolate and solve the issue, quickly, efficiently, and affordably.

AC Installation

If you require an AC system replacement, or a new installation, residential or commercial, the trained and certified HVAC professionals at Schebler Heating and Air have you covered in a refreshing style!

AC Tune-Ups

Inadequate maintenance is the primary cause of HVAC system malfunction and breakdown. It’s essential to have your heating and cooling system maintained on a routine basis. We suggest one tune-up in the spring and another in the autumn. That will ensure that your system remains in top working order all year long, while also minimizing your chance of experiencing a breakdown.

24-Hour Emergency AC Services

If your furnace malfunctions on a cold winter’s night or your air conditioner breaks down on a sultry summer’s day, it can make you uncomfortable, agitated, and over-emotional. The comfort and safety of our homes are paramount to our sense of well-being and security. You never have to worry about a quality, courteous, source for 24-hour emergency heating and cooling repairs in Clinton, IA.

Schebler will be there for your family anytime you need us, whether it’s 30 degrees below zero outside with whipping winds or 102 degrees outside with no wind at all. We will come to your location, assess your situation, and offer you accurate and affordable solutions to whatever is disrupting your comfort and safety. We value our customers in the Quad Cities area and dedicate ourselves to all of you.

Cooling Services

Clinton, IA Indoor Air Quality Services

The air we breathe is of primary importance in life. Nothing else is more important when maintaining our health and happiness. That’s why Schebler offers a range of humidifiers, air purifiers, thermostats, and other IAQ devices that you need in place in your home or business to keep your family or employees robust and content.

For instance, if the humidity level inside your home is too high, it not only makes you perspire more, but it can also have a negative effect on your health, disrupt the function of electronic devices, and can swell wooden surfaces.

On the other hand, if the humidity level inside of your home is too low, it can cause you to have dry skin, be more susceptible to the flu and colds, increase your likelihood of experiencing a nosebleed, and also cause a scratchy throat. Plus, it can make static electricity build in your home and shock you!

Save yourself from this misery! Contact the friendly and helpful team at Schebler Heating and Air today and let us equip your home or business with the indoor air quality devices it needs to maintain a healthy atmosphere for your loved ones.

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Clinton, IA Duct Cleaning Services

Dirty ducts can decrease your home’s air quality and lead to a build-up of pet dander, dust, and mold. They can also negatively impact the airflow of your HVAC system, and cause mechanical issues in your heating and cooling equipment. Breathe easy again with Schebler’s duct cleaning services

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Commercial HVAC Services

Every business requires a dependable HVAC system to keep employees and customers comfortable and safe. There’s no substitute for adequate heating, cooling, and ventilation in any commercial establishment. Schebler Heating and Air specialize in all makes and models of commercial HVAC equipment. You need a company that specializes in commercial applications, and we are that company.

Commercial HVAC Repair Services

Every business owner and manager understands how important it is to keep everyone in the building comfortable. If the atmosphere is not conducive to productivity, employees will not feel as well and therefore produce less. Likewise, customers will not be impressed with an inhospitable atmosphere when they visit your establishment. That’s why you need to ensure that your HVAC system is in good repair at all times. Count on the professional technicians at Schebler to keep your system in top form.

Commercial HVAC Installation and Upgrades

Like other mechanical devices, commercial heating and air conditioning systems have limited life spans. Whether it’s time to replace your existing system, or if you are a new enterprise that needs an HVAC system installed initially, you can count on our skilled and knowledgeable professionals for expert service at reasonable prices. We care about the safety and comfort of your employees and customers.

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Schebler Heating and Air loves our customers in Clinton, IA, and other beautiful surrounding communities in the Quad Cities area. Let us earn your appreciation for our expert HVAC services, whether you need heating, cooling, or indoor air quality enhancements in your home or business. Call us at (563) 239-6171 or request service online today. We are excited about serving you next!

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