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Davenport, IA

HVAC Services in Davenport, IA

Homeowners and commercial clients in Davenport, IA, turn to the professional HVAC professionals at Schebler Heating and Air for all of their HVAC needs. With decades of service in the Davenport, IA, area, Schebler Heating and Air offers customer-focused, quality service for heating and cooling, 24/7. Call anytime for heating or cooling service, even in the middle of the night.

Heating Services in Davenport, IA

Schebler Heating and Air offers a full range of heating services, including maintenance, repair, and installation of heating units regardless of their make or model. We provide:

Furnace Repair

With 24/7 service, Schebler Heating and Air is committed to repairing your furnace when it breaks down in the middle of the night or on the weekend.

Furnace Installation

With decades of experience installing furnaces, we are your go-to experts for fast, efficient, and professional furnace installation. Be sure to check out our website for financing options.

Furnace Tune-Up

Invest in a furnace tune-up once per year to put your furnace back to factory specifications and catch minor issues before they turn into major repairs. In addition, a furnace tune-up is the best way to keep your furnace running longer.

Boiler Installation

Boilers remain a good option for heating a home or business. Whether your home currently uses a boiler and you’re looking for a replacement, or you’re considering installing one for the first time, count on Schebler for boiler installation services in Davenport, IA.

Boiler Repair

If your boiler isn’t heating your home like it used to, Schebler can help. We proudly provide boiler repair services to residents of Davenport, IA, and the surrounding areas.

Boiler Maintenance

Like other types of HVAC equipment, boilers require annual maintenance in order to keep them running as smoothly, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Our team proudly provides boiler tune-up services in Davenport and the surrounding areas.

Emergency Heating Services

There’s never an ideal time for heating issues to arise, but problems that occur overnight or on a holiday can be especially worrisome. That’s why we provide the Davenport area with 24/7 emergency repairs and replacements. If it’s after normal business hours, you can count on our team for prompt and reliable services.

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Cooling Services in Davenport, IA

Staying cool in the hot Davenport heat requires the use of high-quality air conditioning systems. Schebler Heating and Air offers professional cooling services throughout the Davenport, IA, community. Count on us for the following air conditioning solutions:

AC Tune-Up

An AC tune-up returns your air conditioner to near-factory specifications. That means the unit runs efficiently and cools your home or business for the least amount of money.

AC Repair

Schebler Heating and Air is available 24/7 for AC repair service calls. So when it is sweltering and the AC is out, call us. We never make you wait for regular business hours. Our experienced air conditioning technicians can accurately diagnose and repair air conditioners at all hours of the night to keep your home safe and comfortable.

AC Installation

With decades of AC installation & AC Replacement experience, why trust anyone else? Schebler Heating and Air will remove the old unit and install your new unit quickly and professionally the first time. We also have options for financing new air conditioning units.

Emergency Air Conditioning Services

AC units don’t wait to break down until it’s most convenient for you. But rest assured if an AC emergency occurs over the weekend, on a holiday, or after normal business hours, Schebler will be there to restore your home’s comfort. Call us today to learn more about our emergency AC services in Davenport, IA.

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Heat Pump Installation

Heat pumps provide homeowners with one of the most energy-efficient HVAC solutions on the market today. Schebler has financing options for heat pump installation. In addition, we are your local heat pump installation experts with an entire crew of HVAC technicians available.

Heat Pump Repair

Even though heat pumps are very reliable, they do occasionally need repairs. When that happens, trust the experts at Schebler Heating and Air to quickly repair your heat pump system in Davenport, IA.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Because heat pump systems provide heating and cooling for your home, they need to be tuned up twice per year; once in the spring and again in the fall. Tune-ups help to prevent future breakdowns by catching minor issues quickly. Contact us today for your heat pump maintenance appointment!

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Geothermal HVAC Installation

Geothermal heating and cooling systems work by harnessing the earth’s constant temperature to either heat or cool your home. We install geothermal heat pump systems and manage their care and maintenance too. Geothermal systems are highly efficient and can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance.

Geothermal HVAC Repair

If your geothermal HVAC system isn’t heating or cooling your home like it used to, let Schebler know. Our team has years of experience working with geothermal equipment, and we can help your home harness the power of geothermal energy again. Schedule today!

Geothermal HVAC Maintenance

All types of HVAC systems need the occasional tune-up, and geothermal units are no different. If you haven’t had your geothermal heat pump maintained recently, turn to Schebler for service in Davenport.

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Ductless HVAC Installation

As the name implies, ductless HVAC systems do not require any ductwork, as traditional HVAC units do. Instead, they’re comprised of indoor and outdoor units that work together to heat and cool your home. They’re traditionally placed high on walls to allow for greater airflow. Ask Schebler about installing ductless mini splits in Davenport, IA, today.

Ductless HVAC Repair

Experiencing issues with any of the ductless mini splits in your home? While these systems are incredibly reliable, they can occasionally experience issues that require repairs, as any type of HVAC system can. Schedule ductless mini split repair services with our team in Davenport, IA, today.

Ductless HVAC Maintenance

With a commitment to superior craftsmanship, our team provides excellent ductless HVAC maintenance solutions. Ensure the optimal comfort of your family and greater energy efficiency for your home by scheduling ductless maintenance today.

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Schebler takes indoor air quality seriously. We offer homeowners a comprehensive set of services and indoor air quality systems that help create safe and healthy indoor air quality. Our services include:

Air Cleaners

Whole house air cleaners are great at improving a home’s air quality by capturing particles and contaminants and preventing them from re-entering the air supply. Count on Schebler to install or repair your air cleaner today!

Air Purifiers

We install whole house air purifiers and maintain them. Air purifiers remove airborne pollutants such as pet hair or dust to help protect your entire HVAC system and create a healthier living environment. To help your Davenport home breathe clean, healthy air, we provide air purifier installation and repair services.


Excessive humidity can lead to mold growth and discomfort. Our dehumidifier services help you maintain an optimal humidity level in your home. Install a whole-home dehumidifier to protect your property from moisture-related issues and ensure a more comfortable living space.

Duct Cleaning

Duct cleaning is a crucial way to improve the quality of indoor air. Mold, dust, mildew, and other contaminants can become lodged in your HVAC’s duct system. Therefore, we not only clean ducts, but we also look for duct leaks.


Adding a whole house humidifier to your home is an excellent way to add moisture during the dry winter months. Dry air can lead to a number of health issues and can damage wood furnishings. Choose Schebler for humidifier installation and repair solutions in Davenport.


Thermostat calibration helps to keep your ambient indoor temperature at the perfect level. However, a faulty thermostat can cause the heating or cooling unit to run at inappropriate times. If you have an older thermostat, consider upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat. We also provide repair solutions to keep your thermostat working correctly all year long.

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Businesses need to keep their buildings properly climate-controlled for the well-being of their customers and employees alike.

We understand the importance of keeping your commercial building safe and comfortable, which is why our HVAC contractors provide the Davenport area with commercial heating and air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance services. No matter the size or scope of the project, count on our team for commercial HVAC services you can count on.

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When issues arise with your home’s heating, air conditioning, or indoor air quality, it can be difficult to find the right HVAC company to call on for service. Schebler Heating and Air is your local heating and cooling expert, and we would be proud to serve you.

We use our decades of service to provide excellent heating and cooling services to our customers. We start that process by hiring experienced and talented technicians who are well-versed in all things HVAC.

Our services include AC and heating maintenance, repairs, and installation. We even have financing options for major HVAC repairs and installation. Give us a call today Davenport, IA, HVAC service.

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